What is a Seat Filler?
...and what the heck does

Mr. Hollywood have to do with this?

   On the Awards telecast, all of the Nominees and all of the Presenters and their guests are seated in the first 17 rows of the theater.  These seats are all visible to the television camera and, as a result, to the television audience.  After a nominee goes up to accept an award, he or she will then be escorted to the Press area for interviews.  This should take some time and, therefore, his seat must be filled by a Seat Filler until he returns.  In like manner, the same occurs with a Presenter or Participant.  Nevertheless, any empty seat below Row 17 in camera range must be occupied by a Seat Filler.

    Mr. Hollywood is a Coordinator who places the Seat Fillers in those seats.   This requires organizing large groups of people and directing them to the specific seats that require filling.  It is an intense endeavor because seating may only be done during the commercial breaks.  To make matters worse, that is when guests get up and socialize in the aisles.   The challenge is to maneuver Seat Fillers through jam-packed aisles, figure out to which seats the guests will return, and which seats need a Seat Filler!

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